Ek Saath

India Will Rise Again

5th June, 7 pm IST

35+ heartwarming performances
3 hours of musical extravaganza
1 Common Cause...

Support India in its fight against COVID 19. Watch the space below.

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Friends, India has been hit by a devastating second wave of COVID 19 with the threats of a third wave looming large in the near future. In such trying times, the need of the hour is to come together, give support and lift each other up. This is a battle that can only be won if we stay strong, stand together and stand united - ‘Ek Saath’.

Every penny contributed to this fundraiser is going directly to our vulnerable population of orphans, widows, indigenious people, refugees, migrants, minorities and artists who have been affected by the crippling devastations of COVID 19 for their support and relief.

No matter how small, every contribution from your end will be a ray of hope for the people that we are trying to serve through this. Our endeavour is ably supported by Non Profits like Seva International Foundation, Kashyap Seva Foundation, US India Pragati Foundation and the Federation of Indian Physicians Association.

So enjoy the 3 hours of non stop entertainment and remember we are in this fight together!

Donate if you have a heart that beats for India.