Guiding Principles

  • This effort is not a substitute or alternative for formal education delivery systems. Its an initiative in the direction of coming out with ideas, methodologies for improving the effectiveness of existing models and approaches to education

  • The foundation wants to actively function in an ecosystem comprising of the Government, NGOs, the Corporate sector and the Civil society. We would always strive to connect with appropriate agencies and individuals to amplify our impact. The aim would be to join hands so that we can synergize by leveraging our distinct capabilities and make a lasting impact on the problem at hand

  • There are amazing individuals and institutions which are doing great work throughout the world. We would always like to learn from their experience and wisdom.

  • We would always like to empower the community that we are working for and ensure that they don't develop a sense of dependency

  • We consider sensitizing the civil society as one of our key secondary objectives. Towards this, the foundation would aim to educate the civil society and encourage the spirit of volunteering by getting interested people to get involved in appropriate ways

  • We believe that unless we measure our performance against the targets that we set for ourselves, we may not be able to do justice to the cause. Thus we would always like to monitor the impact that we are making through our initiatives